Scrambled eggs with grated coconut

Scrambled eggs with grated coconut photo
Scrambled eggs with grated coconut.

Scrambled eggs with grated coconut

Today’s video is on how to make scrambled eggs with grated coconut.

Preparation time: – half an hour

Cooking time: – 15- 20 minutes

Serves: – 4 people

Ingredients: –

1) Eggs – 4 nos.

2) Coconut – half coconut.

3) Dry Red Chillies whole – 2 nos.

4) Onion – 4 nos.

5) Oil – 3 spoon.

6) Black pepper – a pinch

7) Salt – to taste

Methods: –

• Grate coconut.

• Chop red chilies.

• Chop onions.

• Break eggs

• Whisk well with salt and pepper

. • Now pour oil in the pan with medium flame.

• Once oil is heat put in chopped red chilies.

• Then add onions and cook onions until they turn brown in color.

• Once onions are brown then add whisked eggs.

• Now, slowly stir the eggs, and once it is cooked then add the grated coconut.

• And it is ready to serve with any meals.

Scrambled eggs with grated coconut recipe video

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