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Soyabean tikki
Soyabean Tikki

Dish name: – Soyabean Tikki

Glycine max, also called soja bean or soya bean, annual legume of the peas family (Fabaceae) and its edible seed. It is a highly proteinaceous vegetable known. Its scientific name is Glycine max.

Preparation time: – 30-40 minutes. (including cooling the mixture)

Cooking time: – 25 minutes.

Serves: – 2- 3 people.


• Soyabean – 2 ½ teacups

• Onion – 2 small. (I used one big onion)

• Garlic – 4-5 flakes. (one whole blub)

• Ginger – half an inch.

• Green chilli – 2 nos.

• Lemon – 1 no.

• Rice powder – 3 tablespoons.

• Bread crumbs – 5 tablespoons.

• Onion leaves – few sprigs.

• Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon.

• Red chilli powder – ½ teaspoon.

• Coriander powder – ½ teaspoon.

• Black Pepper – ½ teaspoon.

• Cooking oil / Mustard oil – 3 tbs.

• Salt – to taste.

Methods: –

• Put soya in a vessel with water and cook it for half an hour.

• Once it is cooked, drain the water and squeeze all the water from soya.

• Then put the soya in a mixer & grind it roughly.

• Replace it in another vessel.

• Now we have to prepare the mix.

• Heat three tablespoon of oil in a pan and add chopped ginger, garlic and onion.

• Cook till it is golden colour.

• Add chopped green chilli, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder. Cook for few minutes.

• Now add mashed potatoes, soya and mix it well for 10 minutes.

• Salt to taste.

• Now keep the mixture of soya and potato for half an hour to cool down completely.

• Add lemon juice and mix well.

• Apply little oil on the hand before shaping tikki.

I am using two methods for dips.

First dip

I have used rice powder with water for coating tikki.

Second Dip

With beaten egg.

Note: –

Instead of using rice powder you can also use cornflour or maida for coating the tikkies.

• Now put the tikki in dip and coat with breadcrumbs.

• Fry it in a medium flame as shown.

• Now garnish with onion leaves or chopped coriander leaves and it is ready to serve with tomato ketchup.

Soyabean Tikki recipe video

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