Dal Vada || Parippu Vada || Homemade Kerala style parippu vada || Lentil Pattie || Evening snacks ||

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Parippu Vada
Dal Vada

Dish name: – Dal Vada || Parippu Vada || Homemade Kerala style parippu vada || Lentil Pattie || Evening snacks

Dals (Lentils) have played an important role in our day to day life and in many forms in our meals.

I am using chana dal for making parippu vada, usually, in most of Kerala thattukada peas dal is used. While using this dal, it has its own taste and it comes out crispy while cooking in oil that too in coconut oil.

It is best served with black tea as an evening tea snack.

In this recipe, I have substituted peas dal with chana dal, coconut oil with rice bran oil and shallot with normal onions. You can also use dry red chilli to add extra spice.

This is my version of making parippu vada with minimum ingredients in a simple way.

Preparation time: – 25 minutes

Cooking time: – 10- 15 minutes.

Serves: – 2- 3.

Ingredients: –

• Chana dal – 2 teacups. (you can use peas dal)

• Onion – 2 small.

• Ginger- small piece.

• Green chilli – 2 no. (you can also add red chilli along with a green one)

• Rice bran oil – 10 tablespoons. (you can also use coconut oil)

• Curry leaves – 2 sprigs.

• Salt – to taste.

Methods: –

• Wash and soak chana dal for 2- 3 hours.

• Strain water fully from the dal.

• Now take two tablespoons of dal from the soaked one and keep it separate.

• Grind the dal.

• Add two tablespoon soaked dal which we kept aside earlier.

• Add all chopped ingredients.

• Add salt and mix well.

• Make small balls and by using the palms of our hand roll and pat into small thin like pattie.

• Heat oil, once oil is heated then put vada one by one and fry it till is golden colour.

• Ready to serve with hot tea or coffee.

Note: –

While grinding dal there are two important things to remember :-

1. It should be ground in two or three batches. The texture of the paste is coarse.

2. Grind it without water.

3. Use medium flame.

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