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How to clean & DEVEIN & shell on SHRIMP

As we all know it is seafood and is found in saltwater, they are called decapod crustaceans (crust or shell) and there are different species like Lobsters, crayfish, prawns, crabs, and shrimps are all crustaceans belonging to the order of the decapods.

Here I am showing the steps to clean shrimp properly. Before cleaning shrimp keep a blow of clean water for constant washing of dirt from shrimps.

Step 1:-

Clean the shrimp properly with water.

Step 2:-

Shrimp has 5 pairs of jointed legs on the thorax, 3 pairs are used for walking and 2 pairs have claws. While peeling its pereiopods, pleopods (legs) of the shrimps and remove its tail with fingers.

Step 3:-

Hold the shrimp and devein it from both sides.

How to Clean Shrimp

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